African-Australian Awards

Why Celebrate African-Australians?

As a result of this journey and the many wonderful achievements it was imperative that we join hands as a community to acknowledge outstanding members making great contributions to Queensland and the services of people and organisations that support full participation of our members across this
wonderful state. We have been able to achieve this through an awards ceremony held at state level annually and a national event every three years.
African-Australian being awarded
In the past two years (from 2014) this event has been hosted at Queensland Parliament House in a spectacular celebration organised by Celebration of African-Australians Inc. and Queensland African Communities Council (QACC). These events not only acknowledge hardworking individuals in our community but also motivate winners and build self-esteem of new and emerging talents.

More details about past events can be accessed on the following links:
African Australian Awards
Queensland will be the proud host of the 2016 National African Australian Awards.
National African Australian Awards 2016

Brisbane City Hall, in Brisbane, Queensland. 

More information about City Hall 
please visit
Saturday, 19 November 2016

More information will be out soon on this website. 

Alternatively you can check past event at
If you’re a part of the African community in Australia, then contact us at QACC. 
Call us on +61 4 0179 5776
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