Assembly of African Community Representative

African Community Council Assembly of African Community Representatives

African-Australians contribute so much to this great state of Queensland. According to history, people of African descent first arrived on Australia’s shores with the first fleet in 1787. Even before federation in 1901, Africans came as skilled sugar workers who significantly supported Queensland's sugar industry. Since then African-Australians have continued to make enormous contributions to Queensland in many sectors such as business, sport, politics, medicine, law, engineering, the arts and entertainment. Others are excelling as community leaders among other portfolios in government, non-government organisations and the private sector.

Bringing Together African Communities

Leaders from many African communities now participate in the assembly. They currently include Sierra Leone, Congo, Burundi, Liberia, Togo, Nigeria, Somalia, Uganda, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Eritrea, Kenya, Ghana, Cameron, Sudan and South Sudan. AACL holds meetings every two months for two hours. All African community leaders and representatives are welcome to secure their place in AACL and ensure all communities are represented and all Africans are working together to build African communities in Queensland. So if you’re interested in any of the events we hold, or you’re interested in joining us at the QACC, then please don’t hesitate any longer – contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you. Together we can work together to help African communities in Australia to unite.
Event for African-Australians
Call us at QACC if you’re a part of the Australian-African community. We’re the leading African community council in Queensland. Call +61 4 0179 5776
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